Quality, flexibility, availability
Close to its customers

Amesco is specialised in the manufacture of ring type joints and exports 68% of its production to railway markets in Europe, where it is established. The company supports actions that contribute to its sustainability.

Thanks to its customers’ recognition, Amesco plans to develop its activities for those in search of experienced suppliers in the railway industry. Amesco offers its expertise to customers who are looking for solutions in applications other than bushings.

Located in the north of France, 100km from Brussels, only a few hours’ drive its farthest customers, AMESCO delivers its products to the UK, Northern Europe, Germany, eastern and southern Europe.
Amesco’s export sales manager, Robert SONNENSBERGE, is located in Germany.

Our history

AMESCO is the successor to a long-standing family industry traditionally centred on railway equipment, brakes in particular.

Today, AMESCO focuses its activity to the manufacture of bushings and pins.