Ring type joints protect parts that are subjected to stress from wear and tear. They guarantee the required friction coefficient and provide protection against galvanic corrosion and chemical aggressions.


AMESCO manufactures ring type and pinned joints to DIN or AFNOR standards, AG or AGG type or according to drawings. Our bushing diameters range from 10 to 120 mm. All heat treatments, especially induction hardening, are carried out in our own facilities.

Din standard bushings


Bushing to NF standards

Made of C45 steel.
Internal surface hardness: 60RC


Made of C45 steel
External surface hardness: 60 RC

Shouldered rings


We also achieve quality through our choice of materials.
We machine all types of materials, from the simplest to the most complex,
and from the most technical to the most traditional.


Heat treatment hardens the working surface of pins and bushings. Surface finishes and treatments improve the corrosion resistance and friction coefficient of ring and pin joints. All hardening treatments after induction heating on applications that require it,  special reinforced pins.

Heat treatment

Surface hardening: by induction heating or carbonitriding

Surface treatment

Anti corrosion


The quality of our services is our primary concern. Our goal is to achieve 100% customer satisfaction and so we constantly strive to maintain the highest level of quality.

ISO 9001:2015 Certification

Amesco is ISO 9001 certified. This attests to our exacting organisation and our constant desire to meet the highest quality criteria at all stages of production. Our entire team operates in a certified quality environment, which contributes to the continuous development and improvement of our services. We have a twofold objective: to ensure that our customers are fully satisfied and to guarantee the long-term future of our company.

ISO 9001:2015 Certification

Our products are inspected throughout the entire manufacturing process. We have a fully equipped laboratory to conduct the checks required by our quality procedures and customer requirements. Our testing procedures ensure the excellence of our products: our high standards result in impeccable quality, finish and reliability.


Amesco has implemented a traceability process aimed at meeting its customers’ requirements. We are committed to delivering products that meet your requirements in terms of machining, finishing and materials used. Each customer part is numbered, engraved, labelled and packaged, thereby ensuring long-term traceability for your parts, persistently in line with the excellence of our quality approach.